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An Action Puzzle Game for Short Attention Spans!

Ortho is a fast-paced action puzzle game that can be finished in less than 20 minutes. Swap colors and shoot incoming shapes before they invade the center square!

About Ortho

Ortho was written and programmed entirely by leiavoia in 2010. Ortho is based on Zoop, originally created by Hookstone and published by Viacom New Media in 1995.

Ortho changes or improves on Zoop in many ways, so it is not a "Zoop clone". Its goal was never to duplicate Zoop, but rather to take the concept further. Ortho does away with Zoop elements which were considered bad and adds new game mechanics and specials. Two new game mechanics created for Ortho are the Multiplier and Color Chaining. Ortho also implements fun new specials like screen-clearing bombs, hearts (1UPs), point multipliers, and even a variety of negative specials.

Ortho has a definate end. The game goes progressively faster until you are utterly crushed by oncoming shapes. This makes for brisk, lively gameplay for people with short attention spans. The longest theoretical game is 20 minutes. Most people won't make it past 15 on normal difficulty.

Ortho has a lot of cool explosions that the author felt were missing in Zoop. Ortho comes with a satisfying POP! on any job well done. It also comes with a jaw-dropping screen-buster when you lose. In fact, pyrotechnics are nice anywhere you can fit them in!

How To Play

Protect the center square by shooting incoming shapes! Shoot like-colored shapes to destroy them. Shoot differently-colored shapes to swap colors. If any shape infiltrates the center, it's game over!

The more shapes you shoot in a single shot, the more points you get. 1 for the first, 2 for the second, and so on. Get 50pts for shooting a full column of 5, 100pts for 7.

Failure is inevitable! The game speeds up over time and you will eventually be crushed. Try for a high score! Receive your Awesomeness Rating at the end. Awesome players have a high point-to-hit ratio and last a long time.

Shoot special shapes to get special effects:

Don't shoot the bad specials:

Increase your scoring potential by boosting your multiplier: collect 2X and 3X specials or COLOR CHAIN. Shoot more than 10 of the same color in a row and earn incremental multipliers.


Pretty simple. That's it!


Ortho is a free download. No DRM. No codes to enter. Just install it and play it!