The Strategy Game Designer's Constitution

This document aims to help strategy game developers create games with more strategic depth. It has a large list of points you can use in your own games. Learn how to add strategic options, create more varied play, and get out of your mental rut. It has been stewing in development for over 3 years but is now complete as of 2009.

The Strategy Game Designer's Cheatsheet

This is a heavily distilled version of the Strategy Game Designer's Constitution that you can use as a handy reference.

The Winepress.US Winemaking Guide

Created with the input of winemakers from www.winepress.us, this work-in-progress ebook can teach you how to make your own wine from grapes or other fruit. This book is very helpful for both beginners and experts. Learn winemaking basics, advanced techniques like sparkling wine, and dispell winemaking voodoo and myths. (Keep in mind, this is a work in progress. If you are interested in finishing it, drop me a line at leiavoia àt comcast døt ñét)