Scripts & Programs

Here are a few scripts and programs which I am releasing to the general public as-is and without warranty. They are "freeware" and not under any license. You may use or abuse them as you see fit. Note: scripts that end in .txt need to be renamed .pl

  • NEWSlite 3.0 - A lightweight news management utility for small/medium websites. Built with PHP and a MySQL database, it can handle news postings for most sites. It is not meant to be a full-fledged content management system. Features include multiple users with specific editing and posting permissions, abilities to add, remove, and edit news postings, automatic RSS feed creation capabilities, and an HTML template to customize the look of the output. For local news, NEWSlite creates a file which can be included through any webpage using Server Side Includes. Easy to install and begin using immediately.
  • Photobase - PhotoBase is an image downloading utility for UNIX/Linux systems, written in Perl and using the GTK widget set. It makes it easy to grab images en mass from a card reader or similar mounted file system. It performs auto-rotation of JPEG images, conversion of RAW files using DCRAW to a variety of file formats including JPEG, PPM, PSD, TIFF 24bit and 48bit, and several other workflow enhancing features. It was designed to speed up the boring side of digital imaging by automating common tasks involved in acquiring images. Note that most of Photobase's functionality comes from helper applications, not from the script itself. Features include:
    • Downloads all images off your card or camera with a single button press.
    • Automatically mounts and unmounts any mountable filesystem (like a card reader)
    • Automatic image rotation (if your camera can mark images with orientation data.)
    • RAW conversion into PPM, TIFF, PSD, and JPEG.
    • JPEG resampling to save space.
    • Saves and zips backup copies.
    • Extracts JPEG images embedded in RAW files.
    • Progress statistics.
    • Sharpens images.
  • P2S2 "Perl Powered Slide Show" - This is a GIMP-perl plugin that lets you create an HTML gallery and slideshow from a directory of image files. It works recursively so you could organize your photos into subdirectories and run the script. The script will make thumbnails of all JPG and TIFF images and make a snappy looking HTML gallery you can view in any web browser.
  • TextRep - A text find-and-replace tool written in Perl. It works recursively through subdirectories (if you want), can be case-insensitive, and can match regular expressions. It also includes a safe mode so you can find but not replace. This tool was created to make quick work of making changes to large websites with many pages and program source file trees. It's wonderfully usefull but also wonderfully dangereous. Use with caution.
  • VIBE - VIBE is a Perl tool originally designed to detect changes in filesystems. It can track file removals, additions, and changes (using the last-update file time) in a filesystem or directory. There are certainly better tools for doing this, but VIBE can also scan your filesystem and tell what the largest files and directories are in your scanned area. It's a great way to find out where all your harddrive space went!